Mt Prospect Presbyterian church is a beautiful little blue-stone church, on the Midland Highway between Creswick and Daylesford. It is one of the few remaining churches which has an adjoining cemetery. The location of the church was originally on the Cobb & Co. coach route of the Gold Rush days of the 1860s. In 1868 the local community requested that a ‘substantial’ church be built to meet the need for public worship. The foundation stone of the church was laid on Christmas Day, 25th December, 1869. The building cost 500 pounds, and was opened free of debt. The interior has traditional wooden pews and features stained-glass windows with a floral design.



Maybe something on the fact that Smeaton congregation joins them etc. 9 am every second Sunday. Our Worship Service follows traditional form, with 4 hymns, a Bible Reading, a young persons’ Address, and a Sermon. A chorus begins and ends the Service. A Morning Tea/ Light Lunch follows the Service.

Sunday School:



3149-3171 Midland Hwy,
Newlyn North
VIC 3364