Our history:

Smeaton Presbyterian Church started life in Captain John Hepburn’s shearing shed, after he arrived in Smeaton in 1837. Captain Hepburn, after whom the Shire is named, then donated land and the Smeaton church was built. Sadly, Captain Hepburn died a few weeks before the church was opened in 1860; a plaque inside the church commemorates him. The Smeaton church nestles amidst the farms and volcanic landscape of the area. On 3rd April 2009 the church bell was struck by lightning! It was re-erected and rings out clearly across the fields prior to each Church Service.



Maybe something on the fact that Mt Prospect congregation joins them etc. 9 am every second Sunday. Our Worship Service follows traditional form, with 4 hymns, a Bible Reading, a young persons’ Address, and a Sermon. A chorus begins and ends the Service. A Morning Tea/ Light Lunch follows the Service.

Sunday School:



3375 Creswick-Newstead Rd
VIC 3364