We are a parish made up of 3 congregations - Scots in Ballarat North, Smeaton Presbyterian and Mt Prospect Presbyterian.

Our Mission:
  • To share our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, with others, so that we all grow in the wisdom, knowledge and love of Christ.
  • To live godly lives, bound together into a family by His love.
  • To teach Biblical truth.
Our Vision:
  • To be a place where people seeking a more purposeful and fulfilling way of life may find peace, joy and rest.
  • To be a place of welcome and nurture for people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities who wish to follow Christ, the Son of God.


1 May '22

Grace that is Greater than all our Sin

Grace is God’s unconditional favour, His undeserved blessing freely given to humankind. God uses each of us as we are, and gives us strength to overcome weaknesses.

Hosea found God’s unending love through his own domestic tragedy. Hosea’s wife, Gomer, left him to live the life of a prostitute. Then many years later, God commanded Hosea to go and buy his wife back from the slave market.

From all of these experiences Hosea learnt:

  • Sin isn’t primarily against decrees or commands, but against the love relationship God wants to have with us.
  • God doesn’t want mechanical obedience from us, but a devotion composed of both love and commitment.
  • God is the One who has bought us back to Him. As well as being our Creator, He is also our Redeemer.

God is merciful and He delights in forgiving people when their repentance is genuine and their faith sincere.

More than any other Old Testament prophet, Hosea anticipates the Gospel of God’s grace through Christ.

There is only one thing greater than our sins, and that is God’s grace. It is more than love; it is love towards the undeserving.

"While we were still sinners, Christ died for us"   [Romans 5:8]


Wednesday 3rd May:

1 May '22

6 pm Men’s Bible Study

Next Sunday 8th May:

1 May '22

9am Mt Prospect & 11am Scots

Services led by Graham Hammond, with Pam Reid taking Sunday School at Scots.

Good Friday Offering

24 April '22

We were able to send $355 to PresAID from our Good Friday Offering to Myanmar, Vanuatu and Malawi.

Thank you to all who contributed


17 April '22
We pray for our world:
Heavenly Father, We see 'change and decay' in this world's confusion and tragedies. We pray for all those affected by wars, particularly the people of Ukraine at this time. We ask You, Lord, to be with those bereaved, those who are injured, and the thousands who are homeless.
We pray for our country:
Lord, we pray that these weeks leading to the federal election with be conducted in a truthful and honourable way. We pray that the people of Your choice be elected to our Parliament. We pray for all those affected by the recent floods, and we pray for victims of violence and crime.
We pray for our parish:
We ask, Heanvely Father, that you would bless each one here today. You know their needs, Lord. And we pray that at this special time of year, You will dray all of us close to You and develop in each of us that steadfast trust in Your goodness and mercy. Raise our eyes heavenward, Lord, so that we don't get downcast by the things around us, but rejoice in that we have a Risen Saviour.