We are a parish made up of 3 congregations - Scots in Ballarat North, Smeaton Presbyterian and Mt Prospect Presbyterian.

Our Mission:
  • To share our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, with others, so that we all grow in the wisdom, knowledge and love of Christ.
  • To live godly lives, bound together into a family by His love.
  • To teach Biblical truth.
Our Vision:
  • To be a place where people seeking a more purposeful and fulfilling way of life may find peace, joy and rest.
  • To be a place of welcome and nurture for people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities who wish to follow Christ, the Son of God.


10th July '22

Saved by Grace

Paul is reinforcing the fact that salvation is the gift of God; it is not through any effort of our own. Salvation is wholly by God’s grace.

What are we saved from?

Believers are saved out of the kingdom of this world where Satan reigns, into the Kingdom of God where the Lord Jesus reigns.

Why have we been saved?

Because we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works.

Which good works should we do?

God has already chosen which good works each believer should be doing. God puts the desire to choose His way into the believer’s heart. The closer your relationship with God, the more likely you are to know His will.

How can we develop this closer relationship?

  1. Meditate on Bible verses – ponder the meaning and how it applies to your life. The Holy Spirit will teach and guide you in this.
  2. Develop your prayer life – communicating [talking and listening] directly with God.
  3. Understand your circumstances – do they align with Scripture?
  4. Seek guidance from fellow believers – do they have a positive attitude to the ‘good work’ you plan to do?


Wednesday 13 th July

10th July '22

10.30 Bible Study and 11.30 Prayer Group.

6 pm Men’s Bible Study

Sunday 17th July:

10th July '22

9 am Smeaton & 11 am Scots

Advance Notice:

3rd July '22

Our next Combined Parish Service:

31st July 11 am at Smeaton

Please bring plate for shared lunch. For transport from Scots see Helen or John, or contact Graham.

News from Ukraine

5th June '22

Christians have played a major role in helping Ukrainian refugees, as the following reports show:



10 July '22
Today is Indigenous Ministry Sunday.

Please pray for our indigenous brothers and sisters, and for those ministering to them.
We thank the Lord for those who are translating the Bible into the various indigenous languages.

Please pray for those indigenous Christians who are being pressured to renounce their faith and replace it with traditional beliefs. Pray that our Christian brothers and sisters will stand firm for Christ. Working with Wycliffe in Central Australia, Tim Letcher writes:

“Many people here are quite nominal in their faith. They want to follow God as their ‘boss man’ but there is so much social pressure that pulls them away from church. They have trouble understanding grace . . . We want to encourage them that God wants them to come to him just as they are.”

We thank the Lord for Mission Aviation Fellowship for its work in transporting women and children at risk, from remote communities, to the Miyalk Domestic and Family Violence Shelter [Arnhem Land].

We pray that all Australians would see themselves as one people under God.

Please also continue to pray for the situation in Ukraine, and for all those affected by the recent floods in NSW.