We are a parish made up of 3 congregations - Scots in Ballarat North, Smeaton Presbyterian and Mt Prospect Presbyterian.

Our Mission:
  • To share our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, with others, so that we all grow in the wisdom, knowledge and love of Christ.
  • To live godly lives, bound together into a family by His love.
  • To teach Biblical truth.
Our Vision:
  • To be a place where people seeking a more purposeful and fulfilling way of life may find peace, joy and rest.
  • To be a place of welcome and nurture for people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities who wish to follow Christ, the Son of God.


3rd July '22

A God of Mercy and Love

God is rich in mercy, He is a God of mercy, love, grace and kindness. Paul keeps coming back to the love of God.

Through this love Christ took our punishment for sin by His death on the cross. Now we have new life. Our salvation is by the sheer grace of God.

We who are saved belong with one another and we belong with Christ who is seated in the heavenlies. Salvation is perfectly completed for each of us.

Paul tells the Ephesian believers that they should be experiencing a heavenly quality in this present life.

It is not enough to have a ‘head’ knowledge of Christ, we need to have a ‘heart’ knowledge as well. This means that our lives should be Christ-centred rather than self-centred. Having a living relationship with Jesus Christ is the result of having Christ as Lord of our lives.


Groups and Studies:

28th June '22

All Morning Groups are in recess during the School Holidays.

The Wednesday 6 pm Men’s Bible Study will make their own arrangements.

Sunday 10th July:

3rd July '22

9 am Mt Prospect & 11 am Scots

Advance Notice:

3rd July '22

Our next Combined Parish Service:

31st July 11 am at Smeaton

Please bring plate for shared lunch. For transport from Scots see Helen or John, or contact Graham.

News from Ukraine

5th June '22

Christians have played a major role in helping Ukrainian refugees, as the following reports show:



19 June '22

Prayer & Praise: from Slavic Gospel Association.

The crisis situation in Eastern Europe . . . will take a long time for refugee families to be established where they are, or to return to Ukraine, We ask God to help us remember their needs and be able to support them long-term. We praise God that through all this suffering, there have been accounts of churches with their Sunday Services full to overflowing with people seeking spiritual answers.